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A steep rocky mountain with great limestone cliffs plunging down into the sea define this, the most remote island of the Egadi group. Its doors open only for the more curious visitors arriving at its tiny harbour knowing that there are no hotels there. The only accommodation available is that offered by local fishermen and that consists of rented rooms (for addresses, contact the Pro Loco in Favignana).

At the foot of the mountain, nestles the hamlet of Marettimo, a compact collection of square white houses and terraces collected together around the miniature harbour. Behind the Scalo Nuovo (the main landing-stage) stands the Scalo Vecchio reserved far the local fishermen. To one side, extends Punta Troia, topped with ruins from a Spanish castle (17C) that served as a prison until 1844. A series of rugged paths (manageable even astride a donkey) lead inland uphill to higher ground where Mother Nature, remote and wild, can provide companionship in contemplating the glorious views out over the sea.

Boat trip around the Island – Down in the harbour, many a local fisherman will volunteer himself and his boat to provide excursions to the numerous caves that nestle among the precipitous cliffs along the coast. The most striking include the Grotta del Cammello in which shelters a small pebble beach, Grotta del Tuono (Cave of Thunder), Grotta Perciata and, most notable of all, the Grotta del Presepio likened to a Nativity scene because of the rocks it contains fashioned and crafted by the wind and the waves.


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