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With its distinctive two-humped profile (hence its ancient name Didyme, meaning twins), Salina is a solitary and quiet island, perfect for who wants to spend a relaxing holiday at one with nature. Originally comprised of six volcanoes of which four have disappeared over time, it derives its present name from the saltworks, now abandoned, at Lingua, a tiny village on the southern coast. Capers and grapes, the latter used to produce the worldwide famous Malvasia delle Lipari are the island’s most important and typical products.

Salina has two landing stages: Santa Maria Salina and the little Rinella di Leni (where is also a campsite which is crowded during during the second and third weeks of August).

Trips inland – By car or moped (ask the local inhabitants for information on hiring points). A bus service is also available; time table are displayed at Santa Maria Salina harbor.

A panoramic road offering many views of the jagged coastline links the harbor with the island’s other hamlets. From the main town Santa Maria Salina, the road heads northwards, past Capo Faro, on its way to Malfa. Then, it continues along the coastline above Punta del Perciato, with its natural arch but visible from the sea or from Pollara beach, a little further on, considered the most beautiful beach on the island. Nearby is the (private) house where scenes of Troisi’s Il Postino (The Postman) were filmed. It was here that the meetings between poet Neruda (Philip Noiret) and the postman (Massimo Troisi) took place.

Spiaggia di Pollara – The beautiful Pollara beach is accessible by two different paths: one leads to a small anchorage enclosed by its own miniature shoreline of rocks; the other opens out in a wide beach overshadowed by a striking white semicircular cliff-wall, a remnant of the crater.

On returning to Malfa, the road forks inland to Valdichiesa, where is the Santuario della Madonna del Terzito, a destination of pilgrims, and Rinella di Leni.

Fossa delle Felci – This is the taller of the two mounts in Salina, with a beautiful fern wood (hence its name), recently designated as a protected area. It is reachable through a 2 hours foot-path going from the Santuario della Madonna del Terzito to Valdichiesa. Another route starts from Santa Maria Salina.

The world-known Malvasia delle Lipari is a strong, sweet, golden wine made from grapes that have been left to wither on the vine before being picked. Its smooth, aromatic flavour makes it an excellent dessert wine. There are various types of Malvasia available. The Doc endorsed variety, produced only on the islands, must bear the words Malvasia delle Lipari in full on the label.


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